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Viral Vida

Vendela Vida's book And Now You Can Go is due to hit book stores this week. Vida is the editor of The Believer magazine. Not only is Vida's book receiving favorable reviews, the way that they are marketing both Vida and her book is masterful.

In the last three days, I have come across Vida and And Now You Can Go twice. First, via Daily Candy, the increasingly influential on-line resource to "hippness", and then this morning, while catching up on Slate. This week Vida is authoring the Diary in the Arts and Life section.

Malcolm Gladwell must be proud. Vida is the perfect example of how authors in the years ahead will be able to circumvent traditional publishing and build legions of loyal readers in an authentic, meaningful manner---inspired by her McSweeney's experience no doubt.

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Awesome book! Im just about to grab a copy.

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