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Holiday Inn Forgives You

Did you miss it? August 28th, 2003 was Holiday Inn's Towel Amnesty Day. It was a day of forgiveness, when Holiday Inn recognized that almost everyone has nicked a towel from the revered roadstop of the 20th century...and that it was okay by them.
All tolled, the Amnesty Day was a wonderful piece of grassroots, affinity marketing. Not only does it force one to remember their stays at Holiday Inn over their lifetime, but it suggests that the company "understands you". Furthermore, the effort is in keeping with not only the "retro-trend" but suggests that Holiday Inn has a sense of humor--a thread of brand equity that very few companies today can lay claim to.
Finally, it is important to recognize that all of these "stolen" Holiday Inn towels have served the company well over the last fifty-plus years--"Merit Badge" for you...free advertising for Holiday Inn.
Nostalgia. Affinity. Grassroots. Sense of Humor. Who thought that we could learn something about modern marketing from dusty, old Holiday Inn? We didn't. We were wrong.

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They took it away. I missed it being held annually.

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