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Ipod & The Dirty Secret Of Grassroots Marketing

No company understands the power of grassroots marketing better than Apple. In fact, the movement that was to become "Apple" was even foreshadowed in Apple's own, famous 1984 advertising campaign. While Apple has been quick to reap the rewards of an almost unparalleled ability to leverage the power of the grassroots marketing over the last two decades, the dirty secret of grassroots marketing "movements" is that they can just as easily be turned against you, as work for you. This is especially true when your "brand believers" are creatively minded folks with an idealistic world-view, an ability to design websites/edit video and a deep skepticism of everything that smacks of "The Man".
One frustrated Apple believer recently learned that Apple wanted to charge him $255 to replace the dead battery in his 18-month old iPod. What would any self-respecting grassroots believer do? Why launch a guerrilla marketing campaign of his own, of course. The disgruntled Apple-kid has been stencilling the words "iPods Unreplaceable Battery Lasts Only 18 Months" all over Ipod ads throughout New York City. In fact, he has even gone global and created an downloadable movie chronicling his efforts via Gizmodo]
It is critical that Apple remains true to its believers---for the believers brought Apple to the party in the first place and have helped Apple remain competitive in the cutthroat world of the pc manufacturers. Apple's believers are the bagdge-bearers who, like the Harley-owner who puts up with the potato decibels, gladly rebuilds his/her desktop every six months and evangelizes the supremacy of Apple 24/7 to anyone who will listen.
In grassroots marketing--once your believers turn against you, the endgame has begun.

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I totally agree that Ipod is such a great case study for Grassroots marketing. I had read many articles when I took marketing class, and Ipod was a good one.

Posted by: Grassroots Marketing | Jul 14, 2009 1:21:59 PM

Apple has such a strong brand that anything negative about there product will have a strong emotional impact on there consumer. It is a betray of the trust they have with Apple and will lead to strong emotional and sometime action. That why when you buy and non brand item and it breaks you already expected something like this will happen.

Posted by: Orange County Grassroots Marketing | Aug 4, 2011 1:12:53 PM