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A Glimpse Of Lives In Conflict

This is a bit of an unorthodox blog for me this morning--but a meaningful one.
A friend recommended a site to me a few weeks ago that made quite an impression on me. It is called Travels In A Beautiful World: Reflections On Youth In Conflict. The site was a courageous attempt to show the effects of the tumultuous and violent political climates of Rwanda, Kosovo, Afghanistan and East Timor. It was supported/endorsed by the Dalai Lama and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and is well worth a look.
Sometimes, influences outside of our day to day existance can inspire creative problem solving in our own reality--whether it be a brand, a business strategy or a social cause. This site provided me with a wealth of information and a couple of ideas of what we could do to make our research practice more effective and impactful. You should check it out...maybe these glimpses into another existance will inspire you...personally and professionally.

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